Services for cycle tourists

The cycle tourist services offered by the Cycling in the Venice Garden business network
involve a group of carefully-selected specialist companies.
Our range of services includes bike hire from regular bikes to the latest e-bikes, baggage
transport service, transport for tourists or bikes, cycle tourist guides and traditional guides.
The Città d'Arte e Ville Venete Il Giardino di Venezia tourist company consortium also
includes a host of tourism businesses. The network can thus involve a large number of
firms committed to guaranteeing the continued efficiency of local tourism. Besides all this,
we are able to connect up with many other regional, national and international

Routes Booking



Via Noalese, 94, 31100 Treviso (TV)

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Andrea Lenzini Cicli

 Viale IV Novembre, 30/A, Treviso (TV)

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E-Bikes by BiroRent

Via Tarantelli, 7 Dosson di Casier (TV)

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Consorzio “Il Giardino di Venezia”

Piazza Borsa, 4, Treviso (TV)

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Freedom di Massimo Stefani

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