The circular path links Treviso to Casale sul Sile. The itinerary begins in Ponte della Gobba along the banks of the river Sile a short distance away from the historic centre of Treviso. The first stop along the cycle path is Porto di Fiera, the last true port of the city, and after passing the hydroelectric power station of Silea, you come to the “barge cemetery” where the sunken wrecks of the large vessels that were used for transporting goods now languish.

On reaching Casier you will notice the imposing banks that accompany the large bight on which the main river port of the Sile once stood. Over one hundred boats used to be able to moor here for the night, creating a charming temporary “bridge of boats on the river”.
Leaving Casier, the route follows cycle paths that run along the dykes and country roads until you come to Lughignano where the site of outstanding interest is the elegant Romanesque church of San Martino. After the church, the path continues alongside the river where there are numerous Venetian villas. On reaching Rivalta, the tall crenellated bell tower and the Torre Carrarese herald your imminent arrival in Casale sul Sile.

From Casale you can cycle towards Treviso along country roads. In Casier the path veers off along the dead bight of the Sile and Via dei Tappi. Excellent vegetables are grown in the surrounding countryside and can be tasted with a glass of Prosecco in one of the many “osterie” (inns) in the old town centre of Treviso.


Distance: 40 km
Route: bicycle trails, walking trails and
secondary municipal roads with little traffic.
Start/finish: Treviso, Casale sul Sile



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