The Itinerary

This is a naturalistic itinerary that winds at the top of the bank of the river Monticano, connecting with the network of cycle paths and the minor road located near the water course. It is the“river corridor” of the mountain, where the landscape heritage and architectural historical elements define places of interest both for the hiker and for the local enjoyment. The easternmost section of the GiraMonticano runs along the town of Motta di livenza, from where you can continue, by land or river, towards Caorle or sacile, taking advantage of the tourist routes along the Livenza. The spiritual theme, with the famous Sanctuary of Our Lady of Miracles.

Continuing westwards we reach “Gorgo al Monticano”, where there are two remarkable Venetian Villas, now the seat of established receptive activities, where you can taste the local enogastronomic peculiarities. The mountain dog, more upstream, is then flanked by large park areas, ideal for rest and recreation. The itinerary then goes towards oderzo, l’ancient opitergium, in whose historical center you can find archaeological excavations of Roman times, interesting museums and numerous and prestigious shops.

The route finally reaches fountains, skirting the river monticano, with a nice rural landscape, with many services to the tourist and“places of value” such as Villa Marcello del Majno, with its cellar, the nearby Church of San Pietro and the splendid Villa Galvagna in Saccon di Lia.

Credits Arch. Roberto Pescarollo – RPR STUDIO di Venezia e INIZIATIVE INSULA sas