On the trails of the Ezzelini

This cycle-pedestrian path runs for about 15 km in the Marca Trevigiana along the Trails of the Ezzelini, the famous medieval family who lived in these lands. It runs along the Muson river and enters the vast pedemontana del Grappa area. Starting from Resana, you soon get to the beautiful town of Castelfranco Veneto, where the Altar Piece held in the Duomo cathedral and the Casa Giorgione Museum are definitely worth visiting. Leaving by the Cittadella gate, over the walls, a few minutes later you reach a little bridge on the Muson, where the signs indicate to continue “On the Trails of the Ezzelini.”

The heart of the tour is Godego Castle, where the Ezzelini had initially dwelled before finally settling in San Zeno. The bike path continues through the beautiful tree-lined sections along the creek and past historic mansions, then reaches the park of the ancient St. Peter shrine, which is definitely worth a look. The tour proceeds in the countryside between Loria and Riese, the birthplace of Pope Pius X, where you can visit the late pope’s House and Museum, and then moves on to the small nature park on the old river bed of the Muson. Shortly past a beautiful pedestrian and cycle bridge, it comes across the road to Spineda, where the bike path ends.

Fonte: http://www.veneto.eu/home