Cycling track from Piave to Sile

In the territory of Jesolo and San Donà di Piave, nature fills the countryside. The lagoons, flora and fauna evoke the peculiar naturalistic aspect of time gone by. Taking a bike ride along the side of a riverbank means capturing the surrounding scenery to discover ribbons of uncontaminated territory. Following the flow of the Piave and Sile, the rivers that douse this land, one discovers the perfumes of a unique valley landscape.

The itinerary starts from Fossalta di Piave, precisely from the holm of the Piave that is a riverside park. Near the starting point, there is a boat bridge, called pass, which offers a particularly suggestive view of the scenery. Crossing Musile di Piave calls for a brief stop to visit the excavations of the Roman bridge, whose remains that date back to the era when this territory was crossed by the ancient Annia road.
Having left San Donà di Piave behind, the road next takes to Caposile, eastern tip of the cannal Taglio di Sile, which is also a small urban center famous for its boat and swing bridges.

Following the road to Jesolo reveals scenery of rare beauty overlooking the northern lagoon of Venice: the valleys of Dragojesolo, Grassabò and Lio Maggiore. Embraced by sea and lagoon, this section of the track is spellbinding and it is worth stopping to savor the feeling of being suspended between land and water.
All nature is typical of saltwater lagoons. The fauna is dense and lush. Herons, little egrets, gulls, the timid grebe and petulant coots animate the land.
At Jesolo, we come across the archeological area, where it is possible to see the ruins of the Roman cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore with its famous pinnacle. Next on the itinerary is Jesolo Lido, bathing site with a 15 km extension of sand shores and offers a fine place for heliotherapy.
Leaving Jesolo we follow the lazy bends of Sile – Piave Vecchia, which flows through dense dry reeds. A feeling of traveling amidst the typical environment of marshland pervades.

At Cavallino, we come to the mouth of the Sile, location of the lighthouse. As the road progresses it is possible to admire the renowned Conche del Cavallino, that allow the water vessels to overcome the drops between the constantly level canal and the varied-level lagoon.
The azure horizon stretched in distance by the mirror of valley waterways appears to mark the entranceway to the strip of land nestled between the two complementary lake-lagoon ecosystems.

Means of travel: bike
Do not miss: the sunset on the north side of the lagoon, surrounded by the sea and river it surely is a memorable experience.

Information and advice: during the summer, there could be heavy traffic on some roads with right-of-way in both directions.